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Thursday, 3 March 2011

San Viernes

Snapped this gentleman taking a well-earned break one Friday morning last year when I was working in the little town of Gualaquiza in the south of Ecuador. I often saw the same gent lying in a variety of different poses, especially on Friday mornings.

The untrained observer could be forgiven for thinking that the chap is in some form of distress, possibly requiring medical attention. However, the seasoned pro will be aware that too much sauce has been consumed, and a good kip by the gutter is just what the doctor ordered.

In Ecuador, San Viernes (Saint Friday) refers to the activity of getting shit-faced on a... Friday. Hence, this is the only saint that is celebrated 52 times a year (actually can't back up that fact as my knowledge of saints is piss poor at best). We too have an expression where I come from, The Monday Club - individuals, normally with dubious reputations and non-existent employment records, who can afford to drink during the week when others are working:

- "Where does that cunt get the money to go out drinking in the afternoon and him never worked a day in his fuckin life?"

- "Oh, he's in the Monday Club."

Getting back to the photo. A couple of weeks after I took it I was myself involved in some drunken shenanigans, and was asked to leave both my employ and the town. I suppose you could say that's a case of, "those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

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