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Tuesday, 22 March 2011


How many crime/detective/forensic based shows are on the telly at the moment - CSI this, Bones that, Law & Order the other - it's gone beyond a fucking joke. Why don't they just put them all together and produce one series, C.R.A.P.

Once upon a time, there was a proper police show on the tv - The Sweeney. The programme title comes from Sweeney Todd which is rhyming slang for Flying Squad, a specialist branch within London's police service.

The show came out in the mid 70's and focused on two detectives: Jack Regan and Geroge Carter. These blokes were proper hard villain catchers (especially Regan). Their clothes were dodgy, their Barnets even dodgier, but they always got their man (even if the tactics were as dodgy as the fashion). There was no shortage of car chases involving Ford Granadas, Cortinas, and the like - actually saw a Granada Mk1 in pretty good nick over here last week.

The highlight of the week, when I was a cub, was being allowed to stay up and watch The Sweeney. I'd meet up with my mates next day to walk to school, go through all the action in minute detail and, of course, belt out the the theme tune...

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