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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Premier League Darts (Wk 14)

There's nothing but pride to play for in the first two bouts of the final league night. Wade had given himself a sniff in the latter stages but that was extinguished last week against Taylor. Jenkins kept plodding away but was never near the top four pace.

Barney, as expected, has qualified (without making it look as convincing as it should have been). Webster never really got going in his league debut, despite hitting a 107 average early in the campaign.

The last two games will decide who gets the fourth spot. Lewis is up against Anderson, and Whitlock plays Taylor. Let's be honest, the Aussie doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of going through - that draw against Webster did him no favours whatsoever. Lewis would have a sweat on if Whitlock was up against lesser opposition, but the combination of the two point difference and the Aussie's opponent makes his task a lot easier.

Wade 8 5 Jenkins
Barney 8 4 Webster
Lewis 8 6 Anderson
Taylor 8 5 Whitlock

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