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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Premier League Darts (Wk 13)

Taylor's there, Anderson's there, and Barney's all but there, but who's going to join them...

Whitlock v Webster. The Welshman bit the dust a while back, but can he chalk up one final victory before it's all over? The maths are pretty simple for Whitlock - he's gotta win tomorrow, especially as his last bout is against Taylor (and Taylor isn't in the habit of easing up, regardless of his position). I'm tempted to go for the surprise result, but it's hard to argue with the stats. 8-4 Whitlock.

Anderson v Barney. Let's just assume that the Dutchman's already through. The difference in the outcome of this game could come down to consistency, and the Scot is slightly ahead in that respect. Barney's last two matches have ended in draws, so can he raise his game? I think Anderson will take this one, 8-5.

Jenkins v Lewis. Said it before - Jenkins is the type of player that Lewis can have problems against. The Bull's as good as out of it, but Jackpot's not yet assured a place in the final four. I think Lewis will do just enough to win this one. 8-5.

Wade v Taylor. Wade hasn't lost in his last four, and still has a chance of reaching the final night. Taylor, after losing his opener, has destroyed the field and looks unstoppable. He doesn't need the points, but that won't make a difference tomorrow. 8-5 Taylor.

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