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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Easy on the ego, hard on the head

But it is well known that a man carried away by passion, especially a man getting on in years, is quite blind, and prone to find grounds for hope where there are none; what's more, he loses his judgment and acts like a foolish child, however great an intellect he may have. (The Idiot)

You're out and about. The bird you're with, quite a bit younger than yourself, has an arm around your waist. She looks hot, oozes confidence and sexuality. Every cunt passing by has a quick ogle, and why not? You're not stupid... she makes you look better, more interesting. But don't get too carried away on your ego trip just yet.

She may have those attributes (and more) that the superficial bloke craves, but she also possesses an indefinable quality that sets her apart from most others: there's fire behind those eyes and you know it could spell danger. She's capable of anything and you're not 100% sure you can trust her. So how do you handle it, while preserving your sanity (and some dignity), knowing she's that independent type who's gonna go off and do her own thing when the mood takes her?

Regardless of your feelings for this girl, you know the ego needs fed, otherwise you'd be with that fat bird who's battling those nasty self-esteem demons (let's face it: she's gonna be more than chuffed if you spend 5 minutes in the same room together occasionally, and only fuck her after a night on the lash). To continue to feed the ego we must pay the price and this ultimately means doing business with Mr Paranoia. Yes, you'll spend a lot of time with this uninvited guest when she's out with mates or working late. Still, you could always settle for something more conventional, ogle the hot sort in the street, and wonder what the alternative would be like.

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