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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Blokes in PJ's

Came back from work about lunchtime the other day; the Turk that's been living in the apartment was standing in the kitchen in his pyjamas - blue things that have definitely past their bin by date. My first thought was, lazy cunt, but this was quickly eclipsed by the second thought, they don't do anything for you, son.

Now, it's probably a piece of piss for Messrs Clooney, Depp, et al. to carry off the whole PJ ensemble, and I'm sure they look very well too, but the stark truth is that the average bloke shouldn't be (or should only be) seen dead in his pyjamas. If I was a woman waking up beside an 'Alan-Harper-attired' twat, I don't think it would inspire a wide-on regardless of the morning glory that may be poking through the flap of the PJ bottoms.

A proper bloke should sleep naked, wake up proud and hard, give his ass a good scratch, and let his nearest and dearest know that he's awake...

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