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Friday, 26 August 2011

Prem 11/12 - wk 3

Quite a footballing week...

Arsene's really ripping the arse out of it down at the Emirates,
Man U's cubs are making the game look easy,
Wolves have a 100% record,
The Jock clubs made a right fucking mess of things in Europe (Lennon's boys might make it via the tradesman's entrance though),
Joey (the boy likes his tweets) Barton is off down south to QPR,

... but the best one by far has to be,
Shamrock Rovers have made into the Europa League!

Prem Predos

Villa 2 1 Wolves
Wigan 1 0 QPR
Blackburn 1 1 Everton
Chelsea 3 1 Norwich
Swansea 1 1 Sunderland
Liverpool 2 1 Bolton
Newcastle 2 1 Fulham
Spurs 1 2 City
WBA 2 1 Stoke
Man U 3 0 Arsenal

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