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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Ignorant Cunts

One thing that really gets on my tits is the shop assistant who gives you the total blank when you walk in to buy something. You know the type - they'll do anything but talk to you or make eye contact.

I went into a local shop the other day to get a pack of smokes; the bloke behind the counter was chatting with someone off to the side. I asked for my usual brand, (Lark, good smoke, never had cancer once) he handed them to me, gave me my change, and never once broke off the conversation.

Walked into the same place a couple of days later to get another pack, only this time some middle-aged woman is sitting there knitting. She gives them to me, hands me my change, never dropped a fucking stitch during the process. I thought to myself, you ignorant cunt, and as quickly as I thought it, I said it in an off-hand sort of way. She looked briefly at me and then resumed her knitting.

It wasn't until I had left the store that I realised I had just wasted a perfectly good, perfectly justified insult - I live in Ecuador, how many people here understand the meaning of "ignorant cunt." What I should've said was something like, "ignorante de mierda," but by then I'd missed the window of opportunity.

AGAIN! (02, Sep)

Called in yesterday afternoon and the fucking bitch snubbed me again... that's 3 for 3! Asked for cigarettes while she just continued wirelessing to some bint beside her.

I think they have a camera outside the shop which alerts them to when someone is just about to enter the place, which in turn buys them enough time to arrange some kind of diversionary tactic. Either that or they just fucking hate foreigners.

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