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Friday, 19 August 2011

Prem 11/12 - Week 2

Not really in the mood to analyse this weekend's fixtures in detail due to the shitty bus ride home... why do they even let fat birds on the fucking bus? Some nightmare - waist and height roughly the same dimension - tried to squeeze her tracksuited, mini planet-sized fundament by me in the aisle. Read up on your Isaac Newton (or some other olde boffin), luv - it was always going to be an im-fuckin-possibility. Anyway, I digress...

The Prem offered up some rather interesting results (even though 3 of them finished nowt - nowt) with only City winning at home. Having said that, it would nice to see a few more goals. Here are my predos, for what it's worth...

Sunderland 2 0 Newcastle
Arsenal 0 0 Liverpool
Villa 3 1 Blackburn
Everton 2 1 QPR
Swansea 1 1 Wigan
Chelsea 2 0 WBA
Norwich 1 2 Stoke
Wolves 1 1 Fulham
Bolton 1 1 City
Man U 2 1 Spurs

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