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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

King Leer Society - Commendations

I've witnessed some top leering over the last two weeks...

First mention goes to the man who cuts my hair, barber bloke. Whilst giving me a short back and sides, he broke off from his snipping to ogle the arris of a young lady who was passing his shop window. True professional, this boy. He instinctively knew to stop what he was doing, thus ensuring my safety, and also allowing us both the opportunity to take in the view.

Next, the two lads working in the internet cafe of a local shopping mall. I had popped in to get a couple of copies done when a tasty morsel, decked out in knee length boots and painted on jeans, appeared on my radar. The two youths, a little slow to begin with, soon locked in and performed an admirable synchronised backwards leer. Undoubted top talent for the future.

The final one was the most heart-warming. Seated opposite me on the bus was what appeared to be a father and son, the boy probably wouldn't have been much more than 18. As we pulled up at a stop, I observed a fine specimen with huge thrupenny bits, bounding down the pavement. The father (could've been an uncle, or a pedo, now that I think of it) nudged the boy and motioned towards the display of bounciness. An all too rare example of the young learning from the old.

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