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Monday, 4 July 2011

Copa goal drought

Four games down and the main talking point is the severe lack of goals. We had two no score draws yesterday, a 1-0 on Saturday, and a 1-1 on Friday... this amounts to 0.75 goals per game so far. I was checking the stats for the 2007 competition and the average was 3.3 goals over the whole tournament. I've heard some commentators referring to the winter conditions as a possible reason for this. I don't know?

Had my beer and snacks at the ready yesterday afternoon for what I hoped would be an entertaining double header. Alas, it didn't materialise. Brazil's hopes would probably have been as high as the respective Barnets of messers Neymar and Robinho before the game, and after putting together some nice moves in the first half these hopes could have been justified. However, they came out in the second half and put in an Argentinaesque performance. Indeed, Venezuela will count themselves a tad unlucky that they didn't sneak one.

Ecuador played Paraguay in the second game, and still the goal constipation continued. Both sides looked busy on the ball but the elusive clinical finish was all too evident. Arsene Wenger would have had a dose of the deja vu's had he been looking on. Valencia picked up a knock within the first 20 minutes and came off at half time. Had a quick look at the Ecuadorian papers but haven't been able to find much info on that.

Got a couple of potentially good games tonight - Peru v Uruguay, Chile v Mexico - which will hopefully get those goals flying in. Uruguay were the big South American success in last year's World Cup and their selection has a familiar look to it, most notably with Forlan and Suarez up front.

Go on, gizza a goal.

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