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Friday, 22 April 2011

Premier League (Wk 34)

Let's have a butchers at what's coming up this weekend:

Man U v Everton

Funny old week for United - two games and no goals. First, City put in one of their beter shifts this season to dump them out of the cup. I've been critical of Mancini's men but that was a desreved victory, especially the way they bullied United at the start of the second 45. Then against Newcastle they proved to be short of ideas on the goal scoring front, the Magpies thoroughly earning a point. On the back of those two performances I'd expect Fergie's boys to face a tough test against the Toffees tomorrow. As seems to be the trend, Everton are finishing the season strongly, and have won 5 of their last 7. The league is far from being finished and United need 3 points tomorrow. 2-1

Chelsea v W Ham

I might have been a tad hasty with my comment last week, as the Stamford Bridge boys clinically posted another 6 points on the board. For me, Drogba is a huge influence on how this team performs and he's been making 'el niño' look like just that recently (over 900 minutes without finding the onion bag, Dios mío). The Hammers' situation is best summed up using facts: second from bottom (played one more than Wolves); lost their last 3 games (conceding 9); after Chelsea, they're away to Man City. It's the time of year associated with resurrections, but unless Jesus Christ himself is starting up front, it's not gonna happen. 4-1

Bolton v Arsenal

Is it just me, or is Arsene losing it a bit (not quite in the same league as Benitez yet)? Been reading the story about the Fabregas interview this morning - more fuel for the transfer theorists - but what I really enjoyed was the Frenchman's comment when questioned about his recent reactions during games:

"I cannot as well sit there and be placid like I am on dope."

No harm to you Arsene, but if I'd been in your shoes during those games against Newcastle or Spurs, I'd have put on some Dark Side of the Moon and lit up a crack pipe. With the image of Wenger doing a Colonel Kurtz fixed firmly in my head, I'll try to come up with a rational predo. No, can't do it. Get the Pink Floyd on...

No dope
Blackburn v Man City

Rovers find themselves precariously perched above the relegation zone (think this zone should now be extended to the bottom 6 or 7). They haven't won in nine, with only three wins in 16 since Big Sam was shown the door. If City remain as focused as they were last week, then this should be a formality. However, Mancini's men have shown that consistency is not one of their strong points. 1-1


Man U 2 1 Everton
Villa 2 1 Stoke
Blackpool 2 0 Newcastle
Liverpool 3 1 Birmingham
Sunderland 1 0 Wigan
Spurs 2 0 WBA
Wolves 1 1 Fulham
Chelsea 4 1 W Ham
Bolton fuck knows Arsenal (could be 2-3, I don't know)
Blackburn 1 1 Man City

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