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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Premier League Darts (Wk 9)

With the possible exception of Barney v Whitlock, it's hard to see any big upsets this week in Aberdeen.

Anderson v Jenkins. The Scot has only picked up 2 points in his last 4 outings, while the Bull hasn't done much better with 3, but you'd still fancy Anderson to take this one. He had a rough ride in Glasgow but that's behind him. 8-3 to Anderson.

Lewis v Wade. Big win for Jackpot last week, while Wade suffered his 6th defeat (albeit a slender one) of the campaign. Said it before, and I'll say it again - don't know what's up with Wade's game. Strikes me as the type of player who lacks an extra dimension to his game when he really needs it. Should be pedestrian for Lewis, 8-4.

Webster v Taylor. There's absolutely nothing in the stats to convince me that this won't be a whitewash. Taylor's a natural born predator and he'll be after the Welshman from the very first throw, 8-0.

Barney v Whitlock. Bout of the night. Barney had won 3 on the trot until he came up against Taylor last week. The Aussie has found a bit of form, comfortably winning his last 2. On paper, it looks like a last leg thriller, but I think Barney will kill it off a bit sooner, 8-5.

Darting Nonsense

I started throwing darts in our local social club when I was about 16. There was no better way to wind down after a hard day at college than hitting the club for a throw and a bevy. I was pretty handy with an arrow back in the day, so I used to win a few quid (which normally found its way into the poker machine before the night was out) playing the normal pub games, Killer, Cricket, etc.

One Saturday, after we'd been on the lash, we decided to try a different approach to the orthodox game which required you to throw at the board whilst facing the opposite direction - we even gave it a name, Strad (clever little wordsmiths, weren't we?) Anyway, after playing for a short time, the management told us that if we didn't desist from this exciting and dangerous new pastime, we'd be slung out on our asses. Thus, Strad was killed off before it had the chance to gain recognition from the BDO.

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