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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Two days lost...

or more appropriately... down the crapper.

Due to my current circumstances, I found myself on my Jack for the New Year. I decided to go out and purchase what I thought was an adequate supply of booze the day before to get me through New Year's Eve. Par for the course, I managed to get through the best part of this before the main event and had to do another run on the Saturday afternoon (par for the course, I bought more than I needed).

My first real recollection of 2012 was waking up on Monday morning. Realising that I still had a small ration of the Devil's piss, I mixed up a booze breakfast and eventually stumbled into the new year some time on Monday night - two days well and truly fucking lost.

The main victim however, has been my arse - I have never 'pissed' so much filth into a toilet bowl in my life! And was it all worth the effort... was it fuck!

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